Whole Rotisserie Duck Ssäm

The Whole Rotisserie Duck Ssam feeds 3 to 7 people.  The Duck, from Crescent Farms in Long Island, is stuffed under the skin with a duck and pork sausage before being cooked on a rotisserie. The dish includes the whole rotisserie duck, confit duck legs, chive pancakes, bibb lettuce, hoisin, duck-fat ginger-scallion sauce, Korean- style barbecue sauce and crispy shallots. The Whole Rotisserie Duck Ssam is  $175 for your entire party, not including tax or tip.

We offer the rotisserie duck at lunch between 12:00 and 2:00.  At dinner, we serve this dish at 6:30 and 10:00.

To make a rotisserie duck reservation, click here.

For groups larger than 7, Ssäm Bar offers a duck ssäm prix fixe menu. Click for more information about prix fixe for Lunch or Dinner.