Updated 3/12/20


Playing Hooky –
triple 8 blueberry vodka, benedictine dom, lavender, lime  14
Madonna Mia
brown butter pierre ferrand cognac, cream sherry, mole bitters  17
Cranberry Beret
letherbee autumnal gin, amaro nonino, cranberry, yuzu, apple cider   16
Glitter Punk –
hibiscus cimmaron tequila, elderflower, lime, agave  16
Because The Night
ford’s gin, allspice dram, ginger, maple  15
Kashmir – chamomile-steeped old rittenhouse rye, rockey’s, orange shrub 16
Penicillin – compass box great king street scotch, lemon, honey, ginger  18
Seven Spice Sour
momofuku lucky peach honjozo sake, shichimi, yuzu 12
Wake Up, Ginsberg – 
montelobos mezcal, cocchi torino vermouth, cynar, coffee tincture  15
Bonji Old Fashioned
old forester bourbon, black sugar, bitters  16

Sprezza Rosso Red Vermouth + Orange Bitters (250 mL Can) 12


The 20/20 – seedlip spice, carrot, honey, ginger   8
Thyme Collins – lemon, thyme, lavender, sparkling   7
Thai Basil Lemonade – lemon, thai basil, agave   7

Sichuan Iced Latte – cold brew, sichuan syrup   6
Sunset Oolong Iced Tea 4



Draft (16oz)
Saison Threes Brewing Table Beer Brooklyn NY 4.2% ABV 11
Pilsner Jack’s Abby Post Shift Framingham MA 4.7% ABV  9
Pale Ale Zero Gravity Little Wolf Burlington VT 4.7% ABV  10
IPA Barrier Money Long Island NY 7.3% ABV  11

Bottles + Cans
Berliner Weisse Folksbier Bergamot Glow Up NY 4.5% ABV  10
Lager Tiger SG 5% ABV  8
Amber Ale New Belgium Brewing Co. Fat Tire CO 5.2% ABV  8
New England IPA Kent Falls Brewing Co. Shoots CT 6% ABV (16 oz) 14
Dry Hopped Saison Three’s Brewing + TRVE Between the Light and Dark NY 6% ABV (500mL) 18

Suarez Family Brewing (750mL)
Country Witbier Settle Down 5% ABV 28
Sumac Country “Saison” Backroads 5.6% ABV 28
Lemongrass Country “Saison” Whistlin’ 5.6% ABV 28


Dry Cider Shacksbury Arlo VT 6.0% ABV (12oz)  9
Rosé Cider Shacksbury X Momofuku VT 6.2% ABV (12oz)  9


SAKE (4 oz glass/500 ml carafe)
Yamahai Tedorigawa Chrysanthemum Meadow | Ishikawa 15/62

Junmai Ginjo Kokuryu Black Dragon | Fukui 14/57

Kimoto Sohomare Heart and Soul | Tochigi  12/54

Akitabare Momofuku Lucky Peach | Akita 12/59

Junmai Yamahai Mana 1751 True Vision Moroku Genshu Fukui (720 ml)  95
Tokubetsu Junmai Ama No To Heaven’s Door Akita (720 ml)  95


Cardamaro – Piedmonte, IT
Nonino Quintessentia – Friuli, IT
Montenegro – 
Bologna, IT
Amaro Abano – 
Torreglia, IT
Averna – Sicily, IT
Zucca – 
Milan, IT
Cynar – 
Milan, IT
Fernet Branca – Milan, IT
Letherbee Fernet – Chicago, IL
Branca Menta – 
Milan, IT
Agrosan dell’Etna Sicily, IT
Forthave Marseille Brooklyn NY
St. Agrestis – Brooklyn, NY