Please note, this menu is only available in the second floor Dining Room.


Sea Scallops 26
ham xo, kohlrabi, lime

Hamachi 28
lime kosho, citrus

roasted with caramelized kimchi butter 19
raw with kombu mignonette 19


American Country Ham
buckwheat johnnycakes, pear compote
Broadbent (Kuttawa, KY)  22

Spring Lettuces  21
oregano vinaigrette, olives, pecorino

Snap Peas 21
buttermilk, mint, duck yolk, horseradish

Grilled Asparagus 26
sunflower seeds, burrata, radicchio

Soy-Garlic Rice 16
preserved garlic chives, furikake

Country Ham Rice Cakes  28
fava beans, capers, pecorino


Grilled Prawns 32
‘nduja butter

Smoked Pork Belly 38
gochujang glaze

Heritage Pork Shoulder 48
7-spice seasoning

Creekstone Short Rib 45
soy glaze

Imperial American Wagyu Ribeye 108
galbi marinade

100-Day Dry Aged Striploin MP
Beef-Fat-Fries, Big Salad