Updated: 6/27/19

Marinated Cucumbers 8
chili oil, yuba
Fried Potatoes & Onions 8
honey hot sauce
Cauliflower Caesar & Chives 8
black pepper, parmigiano reggiano
Beets & Endive 12
manchego, sumac
Iceberg Wedge 12
green goddess, toasted breadcrumbs
Japanese Eggplant 11
black sesame, garlic chives, jalapeño

Broadbent (Kuttawa, KY) 14
nutty, sweet, medium smoke
Benton’s (Madisonville, TN) 14
silky, cheesy, high salinity
Edwards Wigwam (Surry, VA) 14
coffee, black pepper, smoky
Edwards Surryano (Surry, VA) 22
nutty, fatty, smoky, 18+ month age
Tasting of Country Hams 38

Snap Pea Tartine 17
ricotta, smoked lardo, thai basil
Newman’s Farm Berkshire Pork Roll 19
four peppers, swiss cheese
Fried Fish Finger Sandwich 19
thousand island, tomatoes, cabbage
7-Spice Brisket Okonomiyaki 19
cabbage, scallions, bean sprouts
Stuffed Rotisserie Duck Ssäm 19
pork sausage, bibb lettuce, chive pancake
Spicy Pork Sausage & Rice Cakes 21
broccoli, sichuan peppercorn
Hot Homestyle Fried Chicken (4pc) 28
jalapeño vinegar, cucumber, chili oil

DRINKS see our full drink list for more
Thai Basil Lemonade (soft) 6
lemon, thai basil, agave
The 20/20 (soft) 11
seedlip spice, carrot, honey, ginger
Glass Garden (soft) 11
seedlip garden, lavender, verjus
The Birds & The Buckwheat (soft) 11
seedlip grove, buckwheat-honey, lemon
Thyme Collins (soft) 7
lemon, thyme, lavender, sparkling
Sunset Oolong Iced Tea 4
Stumptown Hairbender Coffee 4
whole milk, cane sugar
Sichuan Iced Latte 6
coldbrew, sichuan syrup