menu changes daily | last updated 4/18/18

Pink Moon Oysters 21
kombu mignonette
Fluke Tartare 15
white kimchi ice, daikon
Montauk Diver Scallops 19
brussels sprouts, granny smith apple
Sardines on Toast 15
hearts of palm, chickpea hozon
Canadian Uni over Rice 28
trout roe, sesame furikake, shiso
White Sturgeon Caviar Bun 35
benton’s bacon-ranch, smoked yolk

Broadbent (Kuttawa, KY) 13
nutty, sweet, medium smoke
Benton’s (Madisonville, TN) 13
silky, cheesy, high salinity
Edwards Surryano (Surry, VA) 22
nutty, fatty, smokey, 18+ month age
Woodlands Mountain Ham (Fraziers Bottom, WV) 22
nutty, fatty, cheesy, aged up to 24 months
Tasting of Country Hams 42

Max’s Curry & Potatoes 19
burrata, spinach, garam masala
Roasted Savoy Cabbage 12
shaved ham jerky, lemon butter sauce
Fried Sunchokes 13
smoked créme fraîche, frisée
Beets & Endive 16
manchego cheese, purple perilla
Shrimp Toast 15
avocado, pickled chilies
Glazed St. Louis Ribs 19
smoked, katsobushi rub, ao-nori
Foie Gras Taiyaki 24
apricot, white port honey, candied brown rice

Extra Spicy Shell-on Shrimp 28
sichuan-garlic butter, rice cakes, potatoes
Shellfish & Sambal 32
mussels, clams, coconut, lemongrass*
Grilled Flatiron
garlic-pepper steak sauce*

Banana Leaf Roasted Skate 38
Singaporean shrimp belachan, lime*
Whole Roasted Fish Ssäm
ginger-scallion, bean sprouts, herbs*
28-Day Dry Aged Striploin 58
fried pickled onion, béarnaise*
Japanese Miyazaki A5 Rib Cap m.p
perilla salt, yuzu kosho, lime*