menu changes daily | updated 6/18/18

Beets & Endive 16
manchego cheese, purple perilla
Little Gem Lettuce 12
bacon ranch, smoked yolk, breadcrumbs
Steamed Egg 16
shiro dashi, creme fraiche, trout roe
Spicy Potato Salad 8
smoked mayo, chili pan mee
Roasted Broccoli 8
crispy shallots, grain xo
Asian Pear 8
yuzu, togarashi, fennel, kohlrabi
Chinese Long Beans 11
chili, garlic, crispy shallots

– Tea Brined Eggs
– Sweet & Spicy Dried Squid
– House-Made Kimchi

Stuffed Rotisserie Duck Ssäm 17
Seven Spiced Beef Brisket Ssäm 16
Kimchi Fried Rice Upgrade 3
Chive Pancakes (2pc) 4

Blackened Bluefish Sandwich 16
miso mayo, old bay potato chips
Smoked Pork Yakisoba 16
pea shoots, cabbage, ao-nori

Broadbent (Kuttawa, KY) 13
nutty, sweet, medium smoke
Benton’s (Madisonville, TN) 13
silky, cheesy, high salinity
Edwards Wigwam (Surry, VA) 13
coffee, black pepper, smokey
Woodlands Mountain Ham (Fraziers Bottom, WV) 22
nutty, fatty, cheesy, aged up to 24 months
Tasting of Country Hams 38

Steamed Buns
(2pc) 13
pork belly, hoisin, cucumber, scallion
Shiitake Buns (2pc) 13
shiitake, hoisin, cucumber, scallion
Spicy Pork Sausage & Rice Cakes 19
broccoli, Sichuan peppercorn


SOFT COCKTAILS see our full drink list for more
The 20/20 10
seedlip spice, carrot, honey, ginger
Glass Garden 10
seedlip garden, lavendar, verjus
Thyme Collins 6
lemon, thyme, lavendar, sparkling
The Stand 6
lemon, thai basil, agave
Stumptown Hairbender Coffee 4
whole milk, cane sugar
Sichuan Iced Latte 7