Menu's Food menu
Menu last updated on July 16, 2021

King Salmon 25
meyer lemon, shiso

Sea Scallops 24
ham xo, kohlrabi, lime

Wagyu Beef Tartare 29
pickled mustard seed, boquerones, perilla

Chilled White Kimchi 8
asian pear, evo

Green Goddess Salad 17
avocado, sunflower seed

Spiced Pepper Wings 19
white & green sichuan peppercorn

Smoked Sweet & Sour Ribs 19
fried garlic, sesame

Chili Jam Popcorn Shrimp 18
peanuts, iceberg lettuce

American Country Ham 16
red eye gravy, grilled bread

Cacio e Pepe Rice Cakes 48
périgord truffle, parmesan

Sizzling Flank Steak 36
galbi-marinated and sliced. served with watercress, onions, garlic & ssämjang

Crispy Fish 31
battered & fried with vegetables. served with a lime-fish sauce vinaigrette & marinated cucumbers

Grilled Pork Belly 32
smoked and thick-cut with a sweet gochujang marinade. served with charred cabbage & jalapeño

Bone-in NY Strip MP
roasted asparagus, hollandaise, and truffle sauce