Menu's Food – Dining Room menu
Menu last updated on November 26, 2021

King Salmon 25
meyer lemon, shiso

Sea Scallops 24
ham xo, kohlrabi, lime

Hamachi 28
green apple, daikon

Trout Roe 28
ham chawanmushi


Epoisses & Chili Crunch Honey 38

Platinum Osetra Caviar (1oz) 98


Bitter Greens Salad 18
mustard vinaigrette, figs

Spiced Pepper Wings 19
white & green sichuan peppercorn

Roasted Oysters 19
caramelized kimchi butter

Soy-Garlic Rice 16
preserved ramps, furikake

American Country Ham
red eye gravy, baguette
Broadbent (Kuttawa, KY) 16
Edwards Surryano (Surry, VA) 22

Cacio e Pepe Rice Cakes 24
black truffle butter, parmesan

Whole Roasted Fish 54
charred mustard greens, ginger scallion chimichurri, herb


Grilled Prawns 28
‘nduja butter

Ssam Bar Smoked Pork Belly 38
gochujang glaze

Heritage Pork Shoulder 48
7-spice seasoning

Australian Wagyu Bavette 42
sesame pepper

Imperial American Wagyu Ribeye 88
galbi marinade

55-Day Dry Aged Ribeye 245
fried pickled onions, wedge salad


Please note, this menu is only available in the second floor dining room.